Quentin Tabbernack

"I was just exploring these caves when these nasty fellows came along."


an average built Taldan man with medium long gray hair and a short bushy beard. Quentin is usually seen sporting grey formal clothing with a grey cape and a bowler hat. On his right hip he has a holster for his wands and underneath his cape he has several scroll casings strapped to his vest.


Quentin grew up in an orphanage not knowing who his real parents were. It did not take long until he was adopted by a Chelaxian wizard who took him to an academy for witchcraft and wizardry, where Quentin could learn magic. After graduating at the age of 18, Quentin went on a venture to figure out about his lineage and who his parents were. After 2 years on the search he finally came to a small fishing village where his parents had lived. When questioning about his parents though the villagers had not much to say, except that they were shy people and kept mostly to themselves. Later on a Tavern Quentin was aproached by an old sailor who said he knew Quentins parents and could tell him about them, but only after he warned him that somethings are better left unheard. Quentin however had used to much time on this and cared nothing of the old sailors warning. The sailor told of how it was on his boat that Quentins parents first came to the village and that after saving the woman, who fell overboard after fainting, he established a friendship with the couple and learned that they were running away from their past because they were expecting a child. The sailor however never got to know what they were running away from, but he thought nothing of it thinking it was probably some sort of family feud or similar. The sailor kept on telling about Quentins parents, about how he got to know them and finally about the day he found his two friends butchered in their cabin, with a baby hidden in a cupboard. The sailor thought that hwoever had killed the childs parents would surely kcome for the child if they were to know about him, so he took the child far away and returned to the village to tell the child about the story should he ever return. After hearing about how someone had taken his parents away from him before he got to knew them, Quentin swore that he would not rest until the culprit lied dead before his feet. It took Quentin three months to find the one that had murdered his parents. He waited until nightfall to ambush the man and knock him out cold, then he dragged him away to ask him why he had murdered his parents, it was only after that Quentin wished that he had simply killed the man and gotten it over with. The man told Quentin of how he was part of a cult dedicate4d to the god of undeath, Urgathoa. The man also told Quentin that the reason the cult murdered his parents was to exact vengeance after his parents had told of the cult to the faith of Sarenrae who eradicated all but one of the cultist. Quentin felt a sense of pride over his parents who had stopped an evil cult, but it did not last for long, For the cultist also said that the reason his parents knew so much about the cult was because they temselves were part of it.Quentin learned that the reason for their betrayal was because the woman was pregnant with the mans child, and that was enough to push them away from the cult. Quentin went into a rage and murdered the cultist, calling him a lier even as his body went limp. After disposing of the body Quentin had to know for sure if what the cultist had said was true, and after a long search he discovered the ugly truth, that his parents were not only cultists, but necromancers. The only thing keeping Quentin from losing his mind over all the horrible things he had come to knew was the discovery of another Urgathoa cult, something for him to focus on while forgetting about his parents. Quentin dedicated three years of his life hunting down every member of the cult and stopping them for good.

Quentin Tabbernack

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